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Where your dreams can grow.

Updated: Apr 23

"It's very important where you live. Because where you live, the energies make it easier or more difficult to dream. In certain places dreams are very manifest and very strong. So you should always pick a place to live that's good to dream in. One of the best places to dream is by the ocean." ~ Frederick Lenz

People say it doesn't matter where you are, it is all about mindset. I couldn't disagree more! I find it almost amusing how profoundly my environment has affected my work. Since moving north to the Arctic, my art has completely changed. I feel happier and the art is brighter. I feel so inspired by all the new sites and colors and my work looks so different. I feel so much more relaxed about my work and I have become so insanely prolific. If you have been with me for a while you definitely see it.

After we moved, we had a lot to do to bring this 175 year old house up to living standards. It was just a little too much to set up the production studio at the time. Now I am finally starting to create art again. It feels like a little rebirth.

And living here by the ocean has been so healing. The colors have healing power, the way the air smells, the sounds of the seagulls are warm memories in the making. I am not sure now if I could ever live away from the sea again. It sounds very inflexible, but when you know what works best you stick with it. My husband is a Pisces so I knew it would be healing for him too. A fish needs water!

Apropos of the quote above, the dreams have seemed so limited and so small in other places I have lived. Here near the sea, at the top of the world, it seems like anything is possible. Life is big here and people have learned to deal with the "bigness" on a daily basis. Problems in other places are just part of the normal routine here. And the bigness of reality leads to the bigness of dreams.

I hope you allow yourself to dream. I hope you allow yourself to expand and experience more than you ever have. That is all there is in nature; growth and expansion.

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