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What's Happening in the Studio?


Spring 2024

Welcome to the studio! I am not going to lie, this winter's darkness was rough. There weren't a lot of visible aurora this year either. Here in the Arctic we go 4 months without seeing an actual Sun ball. In March the Sun has returned, and now in April the Sun starts to crest the horizon around 3 am so the light is a go. No sleep til October haha!

The colors are the most surprising thing about moving to the Arctic. Colors I have never seen together are just sitting there day after day. It all comes together in what I am working on here. Check it out.

Here are some of the things cooking:


1. I am having a little bit of a swing between natural patterns, embroidery and rustic french designs with auroral colors. Arctic Shabby Chic maybe? We'll see how it manifests in the shop. Haha.


2. For those who are using digital art files, if you sign up for my email list you will get a FREE SAMPLER of my files to see if you like using them. It is my gift to you!

Folk Art


Scandinavian Style

Aurora Colors



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