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Blue is the color of spring.

Updated: Jan 16

Everywhere else on the planet, spring is green and bright flowery colors. But in the Arctic, the ice melts away and the turquoise and blue colors of the sea start coming through. Even the sky is different shades of prussian blue and purple as the sun returns.

Bjarkøy towards Senja island, Norway.
Bjarkøy looking towards Senja island, Norway.

In color meanings, blue is the color of peace and serenity, but surprisingly, blue does not have a long history in human language as it is rare in nature as a material. Blue is not present in cave paintings from 20,000 years ago, and the Ancient Greeks did not have a word for blue. Ancient Egyptians were the oldest civilization that valued the color blue from semiprecious stones like Azurite and Lapis lazuli, so blue became common in their language and decoration. Their word for it was irtyu.

Physiologically, blue can lower a person’s blood pressure and heart rate, probably why places that want to inspire relaxation are blue or have many blue accents. Think of any touristy coastal town and you will find blue. Santorini is one that comes to mind.

Santorini blue.
Santorini blue.

Homes that have a predominance of blue decor are often described as having calming "coastal design". My spring collection will be of this calming coastal inspiration combined with traditional folk arts, appropriate as I live on the coast of Norway and the color blue and turquoise is everywhere around us.

I am also highly inspired by folk arts and the stories told through designs. Though I live in Scandinavia, minimalism is not my vibe. I love decoration and things that look like they were created by hand. Clean minimalist rooms can be easily re-humanized by adding crafted pieces.

Paddle boarding on Bjarkøy.
Paddle boarding on Bjarkøy.

Bjarkøy Island, Norway
Bjarkøy Island, Norway

Here are some samples of what is coming this spring to my shop. I can't wait to load up our sofas and beds with these pillows.

I am sure these additions to your spaces will bring an authentic calming vibe to your decor as well.


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